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Current Position

Senior Lecturer BA (Hon.) Film and Television

London College of Communications, University of the Arts

Patricia Diaz

15 Hungerford Road

London N7 9LA

mobile 0795 105 7510



2003                National Film and TV School



1991 - 1992      Northern School of Film and Television

                         Leeds Metropolitan University

                         Qualification: MA in Film Production

                         Specialisation: Drama Direction


1981-1983        University of Bologna

                        Bologna, Italy

                        Qualification: Postgraduate in Semiotics and Film History

                        (under the tutelage of Umberto Eco)


1979-1981        National School of Drama

                        Bogota, Colombia

                        Qualification: BA in Drama

Research and scholarly activity




Il Teatro di Passolini

(Passolini’s Theatre)

The dissertation explores Passsolini’s first love: the theatre. His last play, “Calderon”, based in a sixteen century Spanish poem, “Life is a Dream” by Calderon de la Barca staged by Luca Roconi. The theatrical production was then filmed by the Hungarian director Miklos Jancsó. 

The dissertation examines the several adaptations of the original text (a poem), into performing and visual text.


Total of pages: 40

Universita deglo Studi di Bologna, Italy

Istituto di Discipline della Communicazione e Dello Spettacolo

Cattedra Di Storia del Cinema, 1983


Matilde Landeta, a Pioneer Mexican Film Director, and her treatment of the heroine in the film Black Anguish (1949)


A dissertation submitted to the Northern School of Film and Television in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts, 1992


Number of pages, 40

Leeds Metropolitan University, United Kingdom



Pedagogic Interests

I am interested in critical and theoretical approaches to film practices, focusing on diverse genres and modes of production of filmmaking. Discourses around representation, narrative, nationality and identity in both mainstream cinema and independent cinema. Empowering film discourse through the observation and knowledge of film practice.


I was the recipient of the 2013 Teaching Award by University of the Arts London for the design  of a project helping new students to develop presentation skills.



Professional practice

I have been involved in many aspects of film and television production having worked for over 20 years in the independent sector of the British film industry. My work has involved documentary research, camera operation, editing and directing, as well as developing and making my own films. I have combined film lecturing with my own film practice.

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