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Weaving Migrations - 2016

Commissioned by the London College of Communications Public Programme.

Exhibited simultaneously at the LCC Upper Gallery and La Bodeguita in the Elephant and Castle shopping Centre, London SE1 from February till April 2016.


This audiovisual installation is a “portrait” of members of both the London College of Communications community and people from the Latin American community who work and run business in the Elephant and Castle shopping centre.


The final piece interweaves everyday life perceptions, feelings and memories of both places by members of the respective communities as well as their dreams (as expectations) on the forthcoming changes to the area.


The installation showcases a short film with binaural sound and acts as a metaphorical and virtual link that is strengthened by the permanent closure of the pedestrian subway, that physically used to link the two spaces


In collaboration with Ximena Alarcón, sound and migratory artist.

Ione's Annual Dream Festival - 2015

This week the duo of Patricia Diaz and Ximena Alarcón lead us in dreams:

"We are two Colombians residing in London, who are reflecting on our migratory experience and creating work with different means: telematic sonic performances, in the case of Ximena, and writing narratives for films and novels, in the case of Patricia. We welcome the opportunity of a Dream Residence to explore feelings associated to our migratory condition, the process of peace that currently is taking place in our country, and how this hope triggers reflections of inner reconciliation that might permeate our relationships with Colombia and the UK. Coincidentally, Patricia will travel to Colombia and stay there during two months at the beginning of 2015. We will share our dream reflections in words, images, and sounds. These could offer us a creative space, in-between the distant lands, to catalyse our inner exploration."

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