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My Filmmaking, My Life: Matilde Landeta

Matilde Landeta entered the flourishing Mexican film industry in the 1930’s, working her way up from script girl to direct 110 shorts, in the late 40’s to produce and direct three features during the Golden Era of Mexican Cinema. 

In this engrossing documentary filmed in Mexico, a vibrant Landeta, now in her 70’s, recalls those years.  (From the catalogue of Women Make Movies, USA Distributor)

Maya Films for the Channel 4 series Women Call the Shots, 1990

38 minute, 16mm, colour

Honourable mention at the 1991 San Antonio CineFestival

Salsa Fever

In the 90’s, Latin American exiles and migrants brought their music and dance with them to Britain., tThis documentary explores how  Salsa was created in New York, with its rhythms originating in those of the African slaves brought to Latin America became a favourite rhythm of on the dancing floors of the host country.

Bandung for the Channel 4 series Rear Window, 1991

40 minute, high band, colour

Two Margaritas

An encounter over the course of few drinks between a Latin American soap opera actress (Aurora) and an obsessive British software developer (Frank) in a London bar – a casual encounter that reveals the fascination and delusions of an Anglo-Latin romance.

Festivals:  10th Latin American Film Festival in London. New York International Latino Film Festival, the International Film Festival of Huesca, Spain, Edinburg Film Festival (Videoteque), Festival International du Film d’Amiens, France and Cartagena Festival Internacional de Cine, Colombia.

Fallowing its premiere, this short was screened two weeks at the Metro Cinema in tandem with Win Wenders’ “Buena Vista Social Club”. 

Arriba Productions, 2000

18minute, 35mm, colour

The Hidden Wisdom

Interweaving documentary and poetic drama, women who migrated to Britain give expression to their experiences and recall the voice of their ancestors.

The Arts Council for the Channel 4 series Ghost in the Machine, 1988

11 minute, 16mm, black and white.


In a lace factory in Leeds, a Caribbean migrant worker faces her retirement in a strange country.

Written by Michelle McIntosh

Graduation film for the MA in Film Production

Northern School of Film and Television

12 minute, 16mm, colour

London Film Festival, 1992

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