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Still from 'The Hidden Wisdom', commissioned by the Arts Council for Channel 4 series Ghost in the Machine, 1988

Patricia Diaz

Migratory storyteller

Writer & filmmaker



I am a UK-based Colombian writer and filmmaker who over three decades has been involved in exploring the interstice of my condition as a migratory storyteller in the space of the host culture. I regard my artistic activity - making films, screenwriting and more recently writing fiction - as an opportunity to create a relational space between audiences (or readers) and my artistic work.  My hope is that this relational space (real or symbolic) will reveal unseen connections and cause, in the pro-active viewer and reader, deep reflection and emotional engagement with the migratory experience.


Originally trained as an actor, I spent two years at the University of Bologna in Italy studying semiotics under the tutelage of Umberto Eco before completing an MA in Film Production (specialisation in Direction) at the Northern School of Film and Television in Leeds (UK). I then went on to write, direct and produce a few documentaries for British television as well as several short films which have been screened at various international film festivals.


I combine my artistic practice with lecturing and teaching as a Senior Lecturer for BA (Hons) Film and Television at London College of Communication, University of the Arts, since 2004.


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